Makulu is Moving

As of 28 September 2016 MakuluLinux will be using Sourceforge to host the main website. This will allow us to cut costs of hosting since the project is not receiving sufficient funds to keep the current host, Sourceforge offers all the existing features that the current website offers, Altho not quite as pretty, but very professional none the less. There will be no downtime, it is a simple redirect switch that will happen instantly.

The new site can already be viewed at this link :  and the domain will be redirected on the 28th.

MakuluLinux LinDoz 12 Beta 1 is now available !

MakuluLinux LinDoz 12 Beta 1 is now available for Download, Grab it from the download section or follow the link below :

Click here to read the release notes and Download LinDoz 12 Beta 1.

Makulu LinDoz 12 Beta News.

MakuluLinux LinDoz 12 Beta 1.25 ( First Public Development Build ) Preview and detailed Video below :

Release Date is : 23 September 2016.

Makulu LinDoz 12 Development News

Makulu LinDoz 12 Development build Beta 1.22 Has just been released to Testers. This is one of the final Builds as we get ready for the First Public Development Build Release.

Changes : 

  • Implemented permanent MakuluLinux Repository with multiple mirrors all around the world for maximum speed during updates.
  • Expanded the ISO collection to 4, Each architecture now has a “Slim” and a “Full” build and come in both 32bit and 64bit.
  • The Slim build remains almost bare-bone, but it does contain a Text editor, Calculator, Web browser and Wine pre installed.
  • The Full build has a Text editor, Calculator, Web browser, Media player, Audio player, Office suite, Email Client, Wine, PDF viewer, Screen-shot tool, Drawing software, Steam, Chat messenger and a few small games. I have tried to not over bloat it, yet make it usable out of the box for the average user.
  • Fixed Mount issues.
  • Fixed packages that caused a crash on boot-up.
  • Added a pop up on installer and a pop up after first boot.
  • Some changes to the splash screen, it now sports a black background blending with the environment.
  • Fixed language issues.
  • Cleanup of the Menu, ( fixed missing icons, putting icons into correct categories etc etc ).
  • Polishing all round the distro.


We are very very close to releasing now, Its a matter of Days now till we make an Announcement…

Makulu LinDoz 12 Beta News

MakuluLinux LinDoz 12 Beta 1.13 has just been released to Testers.

Here are the release notes :

  • Fix for a crash caused in 1.12.
  • Removed a lot of packages to keep the build slim, at least in beta stages.
  • Updated the splash screen to now include scrolling text.
  • Added a pop-up for installer when first starting installer showing the relevant info.
  • Added some extra checks on installer itself to scan for removable media.
  • Fixed the windows 8 GTK theme.
  • Fixed the Microsoft Office chrome app, replaced it will Word and Excel instead.
  • Fixed the welcome screen Link showing welcome instead of Toolbox.
  • Removed “install additional apps” from welcome screen for time being.
  • Fixed all links in Welcome screen to open relevant locations and apps.
  • Added new Chatroom link in Welcome screen / Toolbox
  • Updated the Grub boot screen, now shows just a slightly smaller glowing “M” and not the over sized Text as well.
  • Fix for network issues with netword card RTL r8169

We are one step closer to a Public development release build. its coming really soon guys, really soon…

The New Makulu Boot Screen Preview

This is a sneak preview of the new MakuluLinux Splash animation Boot Screen :

MakuluLinux Beta 1.05 update

MakuluLinux LinDoz Debian Edition has officially entered the Beta phase. Beta 1.05 has been sent out to the testers, we are one step closer to the first Public Development build going live soon ….

Here is a screenshot of Beta 1.05 ( click pic to enlarge ), Expect a video in the coming days …


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