Xfce 7.0 closer than you think …

The RC version of MakuluLinux Xfce 7.0 has just been sent out to Reviewers… So keep your eyes open for any articles that may be floating around in the next few days about news of this upcoming release…

Already an RC version ? That quickly already ?

Short answer, Yes. This build has been tested for months already, in reality the unofficial beta version is around 6 months old, and with very minimal bugs being reported by testers the last few weeks it quickly moved from Alpha to Beta to RC. It seems this edition is not just fast when installed, but is itching to be installed :)

Expect a release date announcement within the next few days…

Makulu Xfce7.0 Alpha 1 is Live !

The First Alpha Build of MakuluLinux Xfce 7.0 is now Live.

As promised, All Donators of the MakuluLinux project get a copy, this includes anyone that has donated this whole year, From January to December. So I have sent out a copy of this build to everyone on that list. All Donators will also get access to the Beta builds.

This release has also been made available to the Testers, so testers can head over to the Makulu test forums and grab it from there if you have not yet done so.

A whole World of Possibilities