MakuluLinux 10 Series News !

A lot of people are asking a lot of questions of what is going on with the 10 series, and I know i am being very mum and mysterious about it, the truth is i am not yet quite ready to list all the new changes yet. However, i have made a little video that will kinda give you some idea of what i am doing. So for more information, check out the video below :

MakuluLinux 10 Aero Edition Beta 2 Links

Normally I would not release Beta products to public at all, but seeing as I have moved to a different country and It there has been a few delays in the release, I figured it would be in best interest off all effected if I atleast released a stable beta for the public to play around with.

PLEASE be warned, this is a Beta version, and therefore Expect bugs, Altho it is beta 2 and the bugs are few.

If you want to check out the latest Beta Aero Edition, grab it from the Aero Section, or ( Just click here )

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