First Makulu Xfce Review

Don’t forget to read the comments below the Video on Youtube as well.

First Sreenshots of Makulu Gnome Edition !

The first Screenshots of the upcoming MakuluLinux Gnome Edition !


File Manager
File Manager

MakuluLinux Xfce is now Live !

MakuluLinux Xfce is now live, please see the Xfce Edition section for more information :

MakuluLinux Xfce Beta 15 Preview

Things on the upcoming release speeding up now, here is a preview of changes in latest Beta :

MakuluLinux 10 Xfce Beta 13 Preview Video

The latest Video Preview of the Current Beta build, This edition is Due Very Soon :

MakuluLinux 10 Xfce Series Beta Preview Video

A Preview at the latest Beta build of the upcoming MakuluLinux 10 Xfce series

First Screenshots of MakuluLinux 10 Xfce 64bit

MakuluLinux 10 Xfce Series is well on its way and undergoing some big changes.

Here are the first screenshots of the Official new look.


File Manager


Update Manager

MakuluLinux 10 Xfce Teaser

The first Teaser of the upcoming Xfce Release, its still in Early Beta, But its a nice teaser nonetheless, hope you guys enjoy…

Driver Manager 1.2.4 Update Released

Mint Driver Manager 1.2.4 has been released. This addresses Issues where users struggled to install Nvidia or AMD drivers, Simply refresh your cache and update the “mintdrivers” package to new version 1.2.4. Then you can rerun driver manager from menu and driver installation should go smoothly. For manual installation you can grab the Deb file from here ( Click Here ). After download, simply double and install it. then rerun driver manager from menu.

MakuluLinux Aero Edition now Live !

The MakuluLinux Aero Edition is now Live and available for download. It has been a long wait and an even longer journey to make the impossible, possible, I fought many battles, obtained many scars, suffered many injuries and doctored many wounds along the way. But Victory was always a MUST and not optional, the words “You only fail when you stop trying” kept me going. One Developer against all odds, many sleepless nights, many headaches, and many frustrated days, working on a masterpiece which I am proud to show off to the world today. I hope this lives up to all your expectations, I hope it brightens your day just a little more… It was a pleasure to make, and I hope you enjoy using it.

I want to thank the Testers that stuck through all the madness with me, Half the time I was teaching myself as I went, often walking like a blind man relying on instinct and gut to make tough calls, You guys have been really, really great and I look forward to working with all of you on future releases, I consider you all part of the team.

Enjoy this Awesome Release, You can read the release notes and grab your copy here.

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