MakuluLinux 11 Aero Video Overview

This is a General Overview of the Upcoming Aero release due VERY SOON.

MakuluLinux Aero 10.2 Beta 5 Preview

Check out the changes in the Latest Aero Beta below :

MakuluLinux Aero 10.2 Sneak Preview

MakuluLinux FAQ Video

This video Answers many questions users have had :

Website stabilized after Hack.

The website has been under extreme high DDOS attack the last few days, All resources maxed out, I also noticed many pages missing, complete sections deleted. I have spent the last few days rebuilding the website and plugging any potential holes. I have also managed to stabilize the website. Hopefully it will run normally now, Altho it is not guaranteed. I find it odd that I make announcement about new Project and same day the website comes under attack, clearly someone is not happy about it… Lets hope it runs smoothly from here onwards. If however you get problems accessing the website, just wait a while and try again.

Makulu Drops Another HUGE Linux Bombshell !!!

This is Preview of Makulu-Desktop Alpha Build 33… Such promising results, Extremely impressive, Only 1 week old and see what is already being achieved, This project will push so many boundaries …

Makulu-Desktop needs Funding, $0 has been donated towards this great project in progress, I repeat, $0 … Come on guys, I already bare the costs of the whole Makululinux project virtually by myself, you cant expect me to fund this new project as well…

To Donate, just look top right on the Makululinux homepage, the donation box is there easy to see and use.

Watch the Video Below to be Shocked !



Makulu-Desktop Fund Raising !


The new Makulu-Desktop will be revolutionary ! with a simple few clicks you will be able to transform virtually any Linux desktop into a Makulu Style desktop. Doesn’t matter what you are running, Unity, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDE… Makulu will detect your desktop and transform it quickly and easily.

No need to reinstall, no worries about losing valuable software, documents or any personal files. You will be able to enjoy all the magic Makulu has to offer so simply and easily. This concept is new and has NEVER been done on Linux before !

As with all great free projects, there are costs involved, and to make this a reality we need to ask the community to assist raising the funds. After all, this is something that the community will use and it will greatly be valued in terms of instant transformation on the scales never been seen before on Linux.

There is an Alpha build already fully operational which already works on Xfce and partial Unity support, there is still some ways to go with the project before it will be fully operational for public use, but speed of development is rapid and the need for dedicated server boxes, professional help is great to increase development time.

So, if you can afford to spare a few dollars, then please do so and help fund this great new project !

To donate simply select the donation amount on the top right, or enter a desired amount, fill in the optional fields and follow the prompts. We accept donations via Paypal.

Regards and Thank you.

MakuluLinux project Management.

Makulu-Desktop 1.021 Preview

This is a preview showing the progress made to date on the new Makulu-Desktop Project. This is currently alpha version 1.021. This is going to be really awesome in a few months when Majority of the To do list is done. Still a long way to go, but what a great start ! If you want to get involved in this project, contact me at :


Makulu-Desktop FAQ

The FAQ addressing important information about the Makulu-desktop project and many questions users may have, has been answered, click here to see the Makulu-Desktop FAQ. 

Makulu-Desktop 1.10

Makulu-Desktop Version 1.10 was just released to testers :

Changes from Version 1.07 to 1.10 :

  • Moved Makululinux-desktop into a repository for easy install.
  • Some more work on detection and guidance scripts.
  • Started moving different items into selective packages.
  • Started working more on dependencies, sorting through what is needed and what is not, refining the list.
  • Started planting some ground work for upcoming scripts that I will complete in future versions.
  • Started laying some ground work for selection options in future builds.
  • Started work on Install menu, The only option working on the menu is currently the default top option, the rest are just dummy options for now, the entries are not linked to any functions yet, but they will in time.
  • Added detection method if Makulu-desktop was previously installed, and if so, it skips all the configuration options.
  • Some more modifications to Menu Scripts.
  • Implemented a Config file at /etc/makulu-desktop.conf
  • Some more work on version detection, it now does not just check if already installed, but checks the version currently installed instead and takes appropriate action accordingly.
  • The user now gets displayed in a list at selection menu.
  • The next few versions will all be related to installer scripts, I need to make it safe for the end user to use, don’t want it screwing up his existing system…

You can catch all the latest Public news and updates in the forums or by clicking here.


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MakuluLinux Lacks serious funding, Please take a moment and Donate to the project. 
MakuluLinux Lacks serious funding, Please take a moment and Donate to the project.