Social Login enabled.

Users no longer have to register an account from scratch on the website to take part in discussions…

I have enabled Social Login features, Meaning you can now log into MakuluLinux via your Blogger, Facebook, Google+, live journal, twitter, WordPress and Youtube accounts.

When you choose login, you will see the relevant buttons, simply choose your prefered login method…

However, if you prefer to register an account with Makulu, you are still welcome to do so.

File Hosts Needed.

We are in need of file hosts to host mirror links for the Upcoming MCDE. I currently have 2 Hosts and am seeking more, I will require roughly 1.5GB of disc space for the ISO as well as FTP access to upload.  Torrent Hosts are welcome as well.

If you are able to host a mirror please feel free to contact me via the “contact us” above and drop me a mail and we can chat further from there. Please keep in Mind this Release is scheduled for Monday, So the sooner i get all the mirrors up the better.

Early Preview Build …

The Semi Final Early Preview Build of MCDE has been sent out to Testers as well as to Reviewers to play with over the next few days…

If you are a Linux reviewer and would like Access to this build, Please use our contact form above and send in your request.

This is the last stretch folks, After this is the Final (Release) Build.

Esitmated Release date : 27 October 2014.

So get the Champaign Ready, the First Awesome, Stable Debian Cinnamon 2.xx build is about to hit the streets … :)

MCDE Arriving Soon !

MCDE is almost Ready, It is running very stable without any issues.  Testing will continue throughout this Week while I continue to polish and touch up the OS.

Release Date will be made soon.

MCDE Beta 5 Video Preview !

MCDE is currently at Beta 5, this must be a record number of Beta releases on a single os in the history of all releases… The reason for this is simple, Cinnamon 2.xx on Debian is probably one of the most unstable desktop environments in existence, the developers have clearly let it slip to a point where a lot of work is needed to get it on par to its ubuntu counterpart. I have spent Months perfecting this release and I will continue to do so until It is ready for public release.

As you can see from this preview, We have it running very well, very smooth, very fast and very stable. I do spend quite a bit of time on the menu, but this is because i have had requests from users asking me to do so. The menu is really awesome, and definitely one of features that “pop” out at you. So here it is, the new sneak Preview, Enjoy …

MCDE (Makulu Cinnamon Debian Edition) Beta 4 !

The fourth Beta release has been sent out to testers, we are one step closer to Public release. This is a much more fragile desktop that has not been given a lot of love on the Debian environment and as such needs a lot more work, hence more beta releases than usual.

We also have had far less beta testers on this edition to previous releases, this does slow down testing. If you would like to Beta test please feel free to contact me via the “contact us” above and I will set you up on a beta test account.

I will be releasing another video sometime in the course of the next week to keep users updated with progress.

Release date : when it is ready… ( but getting very close ).

Fix for Any Python Related Problems.

For those of you experiencing sudden random issues on certain apps for the last few days after updating, the libglib update is the cause. Luckily there is a simple fix for this problem, it affects all python related software, therefore if any of your python apps stopped working here is what you can do :

Find your application directory in /usr/lib/(your app name)

search all the .py files of your app for :

  • gtk.main()

And replace that line with :

  • gtk.gdk.threads_enter()
  • gtk.main()
  • gtk.gdk.threads_leave()

After that the apps should work again without issues.

Thanx to Schoeljie for the fix.

A whole World of Possibilities