MakuluLinux build x16

The MakuluLinux build x16 is being sent out to the testers today. This is the final stretch to the big release on Monday, We are still on Schedule for a 30 November 2015 Release, watch this space…

Website Overhaul.

With the new 10 Series, MakuluLinux is getting a complete Overhaul. It is not just the actual Distro that is built from the ground up now, but the whole website is being overhauled as well. This includes a new Look for the main page, some plugins removed, others added and also new forums which are FAR more functional than the bbpress forums, however this does mean a complete wipe of the existing forum topics, but all user accounts are still kept and valid. Its time to start a new chapter in this project. The new 10 Series Base is brand new and will be used for all future releases, it does not suffer any of the bugs the previous editions had, it now stands on its own two legs.

MakuluLinux is now spreading its wings to finally fly, and the website should reflect that.

MakuluLinux Beta x12 Teaser Video

This is a little Teaser video of the Latest Makulu Aero Beta x12

MakuluLinux Beta x10 Preview

More Detailed Overview of the Latest Build Beta x10 of MakuluLinux Aero Edition. You do not want to miss this !

MakuluLinux Aero Theming

This short video shows off the upcoming MakuluLinux Aero Edition Theming Options, It gives users a nice little overview of all the different themes pre installed on the Edition.

MakuluLinux Aero Streaming

This video shows you the Power of Makulu Aero Edition with Media streaming. Watching Movies, series, news, sports, streaming music etc etc out of the box with MakuluLinux Aero Edition.

MakuluLinux Aero Edition Latest Preview

9 months, more than 500 personal builds, more than 30 beta’s and this is the result, the latest biggest Makulu Aero Edition Preview. This is one you do not want to miss out on, it is well worth the wait !

MakuluLinux Aero 10 Beta 2.3 News.

MakuluLinux 10 Aero Edition Beta Build 2.3 has just been released to Testers, More info andĀ Release Notes as well as some Screenshots can be found here :

MakuluLinux 10 Aero Edition Beta 2 Links

Normally I would not release Beta products to public at all, but seeing as I have moved to a different country and It there has been a few delays in the release, I figured it would be in best interest off all effected if I atleast released a stable beta for the public to play around with.

PLEASE be warned, this is a Beta version, and therefore Expect bugs, Altho it is beta 2 and the bugs are few.

If you want to check out the latest Beta Aero Edition, grab it from the Aero Section, orĀ ( Just click here )

MakuluLinux 9 Xfce 32bit Series is now Live !

You have been waiting patiently for the 32bit Xfce series …

It is now available in the Download section. Please make sure to read the Release notes before you download.

Check out the Teaser video below :

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