Good News/Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news :

The Good news :
It has been MANY months in the works for me to design a perfect patching system that delivers patches to blend in well with having multiple repo’s as well as our own in the sourceslist without going the same route that many other developers go with “the custom patches route”. An effort that altho has worked in the past was not as effective as I would have liked and often caused more frustration than anything else. However, with the release of Cinnamon Edition this system now works with MUCH greater effect. Therefore patching should be far smoother now than ever before, where not only can i send a patch through to the user, but i can also allow the user a hotfix direct install if the need arises. I can now also send through new themes, wallpapers, icon packs, software straight onto the users system without the need for the user to manually install them. Ofcourse the user still has FULL control of choosing to install or ignore it. This just adds to the level of Quality I am now able to offer users long term on releases.

Well, this is how I was hoping to start the first week of Release, by sending through some nice new extra content to users, but thank you to the hackers, this whole system has been derailed with repository box being hacked …. Instead of getting back to work on the next version I have to spend the next week or so rebuilding the box, Thank god I kept backup’s … Don’t worry tho, I will rebuild the Repo box and this system will Go live :)


The Bad News :
I no longer have the time to maintain 5 Desktop environments on this project, The last few months the income from this project has been lacking seriously, with just 1 donation in 4 months and me having to pay out my pocket to keep the project going, it has forced me to go back to my regular day job, cutting development time by quite a bit. Keep in mind that I am a solo developer that single handedly maintains the website, forums, repository servers, release development, patch development, graphic design, advertising and so forth, this project is a huge amount of responsibility. I have on numerous occasions asked if any other developers would be interested to assist with development, and so far no one has opted for a position. I am happy to continue work on Makulu, but everything comes at a price.

Therefore I have come to the decision that with my current schedule I can maintain a maximum of 2 Desktop environments at the present time, Cinnamon being 1 of them, the other still undecided. I have made a voting Poll where users can vote for which other DE they want, so please take a moment and cast your vote, the DE with the most votes by end of November 2014 will be the next on my List for release. This means that as it stands now, Makulu will only support 2 Desktop environments, Cinnamon + the DE with the most votes.

Release cycles will now also be slacked down, as we are based on Debian testing and with being rolling release, users will still continue to receive patches on current releases. However, the Major milestone releases will now take place when they are ready instead of on a specific scheduled cycle.

In short, these changes will allow me the freedom with my schedule to maintain Quality over Quantity.

I have never been one to ask for donations and neither have I ever done this for money, But this is the real world we live in and money is necessary to maintain a big project like this full time, so if and when donations pick up again to a point where i can work full time on the project, or i find a viable solution to fund Makulu, I will consider adding additional Releases.

So cast your vote for the DE you would like to see with the next big release …

Repository Server Update.

The Repository server box is a complete mess.  it has definitely been hacked and used to send out a DDoss Attack, therefore I will need to do a complete reload. I am too scared to even backup the data since I don’t know what the hacker left behind that could be backed up as well.

I will have to do a complete reinstall from scratch and re-setup the Repo. This will take a good few days and I expect the Repo will be offline for at least a week, possibly more.

All users will continue to receive updates on their systems as normal, this does not effect end users at all.

All this means is that custom patches I send through, news updates and such wont be going through for the next week or so. Also you may get a 404 errors when you do a apt-get update or open the update manager, this is because communication has been terminated with that box. You can simply ignore the 404 error, or if you wish remove Makulu repo from sources list.

When the box is up and running I will post the details. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused users,  but there are bad people in this world and It is part of life. I however will not look at this as a negative but rather a positive, It has shown me vulnerabilities and it has forced me to make sure i add more security onto the server.

Someone out there obviously did not want this Cinnamon release to be made public …


Repository Server Offline.

Well, it seems that someone thought it funny to DDos Attack our Repository Box, probably some script kiddie, don’t know who else would want to do that to a free project… The Box is currently experiencing problems and therefore you may get errors updating from the Makulu repository.

I have submitted a ticket to the Host, And hopefully it will be fixed soon.

You will still receive core system updates from the Testing Repo, it is just the custom Makulu Patches that is currently offline, these are non essential updates and therefore not a priority at this point.

Safe Updates ( a Must Read ).

I notice quite a few users are doing updates via synaptic or terminal in MCDE, I guess it is partly my fault for not mentioning it in the Release notes, but please DON’T update that way.

There seems to be quite a few faulty packages or packages in the Testing repo’s at the moment that does not like Cinnamon very much, If you stick to doing “safe updates” you will be fine, as you will receive core updates on the system without compromising or pulling in any of those packages that cause havoc on your system.

The current “Update Manager” installed on MCDE is setup to do safe updates, So it is highly recommended that you use it to do your updates instead of trying to go solo and trying your own thing.

If there is any Kernel updates or packages that is needed for MCDE that is not installed using the safe method, we will send these packages through to you via our own repository.

So please, just use the update manager provided in MCDE as it is there and your system will run smooth and stable without problems.

Device Driver Manager.

To the new guys that aren’t all that clued up on Linux, Device driver manager requires the latest kernel to be installed to run. Therefore it is important to always have latest kernel running if you plan to make changes to drivers.

If you are getting a kernel warning error when you try to run Device driver manager, run system update to update your kernel, after this driver manager will work without issues.

MCDE is Live !

The Long Wait is over…

MCDE ( Makululinux Cinnamon Debian edition) is now Live, You can grab your copy from the “MCDE” page above, or click here

Hope it lives up to the hype and that this marks another huge step forward in the right direction for the Makulu Project.

To Date,  Apart from LMDE which is not 100% Completed, this is the ONLY Debian based Cinnamon 2.2.x Release available at the present time that is running Full steam out of the box …

So Enjoy ….

We are back, and back with Fireworks, Makulu is back in the house !

Social Login enabled.

Users no longer have to register an account from scratch on the website to take part in discussions…

I have enabled Social Login features, Meaning you can now log into MakuluLinux via your Blogger, Facebook, Google+, live journal, twitter, WordPress and Youtube accounts.

When you choose login, you will see the relevant buttons, simply choose your prefered login method…

However, if you prefer to register an account with Makulu, you are still welcome to do so.

File Hosts Needed.

We are in need of file hosts to host mirror links for the Upcoming MCDE. I currently have 2 Hosts and am seeking more, I will require roughly 1.5GB of disc space for the ISO as well as FTP access to upload.  Torrent Hosts are welcome as well.

If you are able to host a mirror please feel free to contact me via the “contact us” above and drop me a mail and we can chat further from there. Please keep in Mind this Release is scheduled for Monday, So the sooner i get all the mirrors up the better.

Early Preview Build …

The Semi Final Early Preview Build of MCDE has been sent out to Testers as well as to Reviewers to play with over the next few days…

If you are a Linux reviewer and would like Access to this build, Please use our contact form above and send in your request.

This is the last stretch folks, After this is the Final (Release) Build.

Esitmated Release date : 27 October 2014.

So get the Champaign Ready, the First Awesome, Stable Debian Cinnamon 2.xx build is about to hit the streets … :)

MCDE Arriving Soon !

MCDE is almost Ready, It is running very stable without any issues.  Testing will continue throughout this Week while I continue to polish and touch up the OS.

Release Date will be made soon.

A whole World of Possibilities