MakuluLinux Beta 1.05 update

MakuluLinux LinDoz Debian Edition has officially entered the Beta phase. Beta 1.05 has been sent out to the testers, we are one step closer to the first Public Development build going live soon ….

Here is a screenshot of Beta 1.05 ( click pic to enlarge ), Expect a video in the coming days …


MakuluLinux LinDoz Alpha 2.07 Menu Preview

Here is a Preview Screenshot of the Menu featuring in up coming Alpha 2.07 ( is it not Beautiful ? ) … I will make a Video soon showing off this beauty, We are nearing First Public Test Build release …


MakuluLinux Debian Edition Alpha 2.05

Yes, you read right, the First Alpha preview of the Debian based LinDoz rolling release is just below, watch the video and enjoy all the Awesomeness that is headed your way 🙂


MakuluLinux LinDoz is now Live !

MakuluLinux LinDoz edition is now live, you can read the release notes by clicking here, and grab the download from the download section above. We hope you really enjoy this release !

Here is a Preview Video :

MakuluLinux LinDoz

MakuluLinux LinDoz ? what the hell is that ????  … hehe, Well watch the video below to find out !

MakuluLinux Aero Beta 16 Preview.

Bug Reports.

MakuluLinux website now has a Bug report Form that users can quickly and easily report bugs at without the need to register on the forums. You can simply fill in the bug report form and click submit and it will dispatch the report to Staff. However please also remember that it is wise to also seek help in the forums, as you are bound to get a much quicker response in the forums, as users may already have encountered the specific bug and found a fix.

The bug report form has been added to the main top menu in the website, or simply click here.

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