MakuluLinux has a Major Cash flow problem, this last year has been hell for me in terms of keeping things running smoothly. I have had to move the website to a cheaper host, I had to shut down 3 repository server boxes and turn to Free repo hosting, it has been an utter nightmare..

I am a coder, I should not have to carry the burden of the project costs as well, every time i shutdown a repo box it hurts the project, users get a little less quality and everything just runs a little less smoother…

Donations help fund these things, Please guys, I seriously need assistance, every dollar is a dollar well spent, I am trying to make the impossible possible, give users more diversity while always pushing boundaries, but i need your help so i can focus on what i do best…

So please guys, if you can afford to, donate a few bucks to the project, it goes a long way…

Donating is Easy, Simply enter the amount into the box in the right sidebar and click on the donate button and follow the prompts.

I have also setup a Patreon Page for those that are willing to donate some cash on a monthly basis. You can find that on top right just under donations as well.

If you have any questions about donations, or want to donate other than through Paypal please contact me at :

Thank you and Regards



Donate to MakuluLinux Project

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