This is a free project, and as such donations greatly assist with paying the costs of server boxes, website fees and so forth.

I am sure everyone has seen the thermometer in the sidebar.

I have twice earlier this year missed payments to project which resulted in downtime, I have received just 1 donation in little over 4 months, just 1 …. , and frankly, this being a community project with the number of downloads it has, it is shocking.

I am hard at work with rebooting Makulu with a new website, new look, new desktop environments, reviving old environments, as I type this I have already been busy for a straight 9 hours working on the next release and i will put in a good 3 or 4 more today.

I have worked out the budget for Makulu to run for a year and for me to spend the time I do on the project. And the total is $10 000 a year is what this project needs to just survive. I have put the indicator into the sidebar so users can see the progress and what is needed to reach that goal.

I  would love to work full time on Makulu, nothing would please me more, I am fortunate enough to have come from Game Development background to Linux Development, I have the skills ( both coding and graphical ) and the imagination to do great things on this project, However, funding on a Linux project always seems to be the most difficult part.  Therefore I will keep an eye on that bar, and every-time it increases by 9% for the month I will spend a whole month on nothing but development of the project, if it falls short I will have to go out and work day job to make ends meet and make sure servers and website is paid on time, and yes this will Affect the next release and every release after that. I love doing what i do, but im also not a slave :)

If there is any schools, varsities or companies out there that can or want to sponsor towards the project, please get in touch with me at :

Donating is Easy, Simply enter the amount into the box in the left sidebar and click on the donate button and follow the prompts.


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